Using the DAC (Dedicated Admin Connection) in SQL Server

From Kendra’s blog: There’s always a catch. You many need to get firewall ports opened as well, depending on your environment and…

Finding Suspect Pages

Here is where SQL Server stores any pages it has identified as suspect:

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DBCC command list

DBCC activecursors [(spid)] DBCC addextendedproc (function_name, dll_name) DBCC addinstance (objectname, instancename) DBCC adduserobject (name) DBCC auditevent (eventclass, eventsubclass, success, loginname, rolename, dbusername, loginid)…

Using the undocumented command fn_dblog to view the SQL log

Reading the SQL Server Log file – and undocumented command

to get all the column, execute this:

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This is a DBCC command I learned from Brent Ozar’s Indexing video. To get statistics on an index, simply use:

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Find Last LSN Applied to Database

Here is the SQL to display the last LSN applied to the database (think log-shipping)

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DBCC Notes

This post will be updated regularly as I work through all the DBCC commands. Using ‘DBCC HELP command’ will provide the help and…