DBCC command list

DBCC activecursors [(spid)] DBCC addextendedproc (function_name, dll_name) DBCC addinstance (objectname, instancename) DBCC adduserobject (name) DBCC auditevent (eventclass, eventsubclass, success, loginname, rolename, dbusername, loginid)…

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Using the undocumented command fn_dblog to view the SQL log

Reading the SQL Server Log file – and undocumented command

to get all the column, execute this:

Here is a blog…

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This is a DBCC command I learned from Brent Ozar’s Indexing video. To get statistics on an index, simply use:

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Find Last LSN Applied to Database

Here is the SQL to display the last LSN applied to the database (think log-shipping)

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