Bulk-copy SQL Server Agent jobs to new server

The easiest way to bulk-copy all SQL Agent jobs to a new server is to follow these steps 1. Load SSMS and connect to source server. 2. Expand SQL Agent (at bottom of tree) 3. click on “Jobs” (do not need to expand) 4. Press F7 (this will launch the “Object Explorer Detail” screen) 5….

Configuring SQL Database Mail


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My Microsoft Code Extensions

Here are the current set of MS Code extensions I use on a daily basis. Views – 128

Removing TempDB data files from SQL Server

I had a situation where a SQL Server 2016 install did not install correctly. The install completed but when I tried to move the tempdb datafiles over to a separate LUN, it created new files, leaving the old ones in place and active, so I ended up with 16 active tempdb datafiles. Here is how…

How SQL Server processes a query

The logical order in which SQL Server parses a query and generates an execution plan: 1. FROM [left_table] 2. ON [join_condition] 3. [join_type] JOIN [right_table] 4. WHERE [where_condition] 5. GROUP BY [group_by_list] 6. WITH { CUBE | ROLLUP } 7. HAVING [having_condition> 8. SELECT 9. DISTINCT [select_list] 10. ORDER BY [order_by_list] 11. [TOP_specification] The physical…

10987 Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases (OLL)

10987B – Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases Trainer: Bill Chapman Download Companion Content for Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) Online Syllabus for Course 10987B Mon Dec 12 – Thur Dec 15 Monday Session 1 – SQL Server Arch, Scheduling and Waits – Module 01 -Windows has a scheduler to manage scheduling starvation for other tasks…

Resize a VirtualBox Linux VDI Disk under Windows Host

Resize a VirtualBox guest Linux VDI Disk under Windows Host The link to GPartEd: GParted ISO download Views – 249

Protected: Installing SQL Server on Linux

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Migrating Parallels VMs to Oracles’ VirtualBox

Below are the steps to migrate a Parallels VM to VirtualBox. This example is done on a MacBook Pro running OS X Sierra (see screenshot below) using the followjng versions of Parallels and VirtualBox: 1. Locate the VM file that you wish to import. It is located in your Parallels folder (where all the VM´s…

Using the KILL command

You can view the status of a KILL command used to stop an open transaction by typing the following:

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