Configuring SQL Database Mail


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Removing TempDB data files from SQL Server

I had a situation where a SQL Server 2016 install did not install correctly. The install completed but when I tried to move the tempdb datafiles over to a separate LUN, it created new files, leaving the old ones in place and active, so I ended up with 16 active tempdb datafiles. Here is how […]

Using Sublime Text

Here is a good link regarding making changes via vertical columns: Select Multiple Lines, Words, & Columns Views – 35

How SQL Server processes a query

The logical order in which SQL Server parses a query and generates an execution plan: 1. FROM [left_table] 2. ON [join_condition] 3. [join_type] JOIN [right_table] 4. WHERE [where_condition] 5. GROUP BY [group_by_list] 6. WITH { CUBE | ROLLUP } 7. HAVING [having_condition> 8. SELECT 9. DISTINCT [select_list] 10. ORDER BY [order_by_list] 11. [TOP_specification] The physical […]

10987 Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases (OLL)

10987B – Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases Trainer: Bill Chapman Download Companion Content for Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) Online Syllabus for Course 10987B Mon Dec 12 – Thur Dec 15 Monday Session 1 – SQL Server Arch, Scheduling and Waits – Module 01 -Windows has a scheduler to manage scheduling starvation for other tasks […]

Migrating Parallels VMs to Oracles’ VirtualBox

Below are the steps to migrate a Parallels VM to VirtualBox. This example is done on a MacBook Pro running OS X Sierra (see screenshot below) using the followjng versions of Parallels and VirtualBox: 1. Locate the VM file that you wish to import. It is located in your Parallels folder (where all the VM´s […]

Using the KILL command

You can view the status of a KILL command used to stop an open transaction by typing the following:

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