SQL Server Audit: Resources

I am doing some research on how to implement auditing of schema and security changes and will use this post to track notes and comments and observations.

Links and References

SQL Server Audit Action Groups and Actions

Using SQL Server Audit

An Introduction to SQL Server 2008 Audit

MSDN: SQL Server Audit 2012

sys.fn_get_audit_file (Transact-SQL)

SQL Server auditing – how to get notified about an event

A Typical Audit

After the audit and audit specifications are created and enabled. You can use a number of functions to return the results and set alerts that will email you when an audit event happens. Below are the queries you can use to get the results:

File-based Audit Logging

This will show all the audit actions that are available for this edition of SQL Server:

…which shows this result-set:

Audit Action List

Here is a full audit sample:

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