Resolving the “Backup detected log corruption in database”

I saw this in the SQL logs today. It looks like some corruption happened in the transaction log of a specific database. I saw a few different ways to approach this but saw the most common way (as a first attempt) was to simply set the database recovery model to SIMPLE, run a CHECKPOINT; manually, and then set the recovery model back to whatever it was. If it was on FULL previously and you had log-shipping enabled, you will need to rebuild it.

Here is a blog post y Paul Randal explaining how DBCC CHECKDB will work in this scenario and what it will not do. He also recommends using the approach I mentioned about with flipping the recovery model: Transaction log corruption and DBCC CHECKDB

Here is the beginning of the SQL log. As you can see, it looks like everything checks out ok.

then I saw this later in the logs:

I simply set the recovery model to SIMPLE, ran a CHECKPOINT;, and reset it back to FULL and that solved the issue. I was able to do those steps in less than 2 minutes. The database was fairly small. I then rebuild log-shipping and everything was back up.

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